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Purpose of Establishment

University is an essential place for conducting original knowledge and technology, dedicated to the energy of creativity and turned it into productivity, which we hope to help enhance the entire nation’s development, the local economy will also develop high value derived competitiveness due to the university.  

The National Sun Yat-sen University plays a leading role in education and research in Kaohsiung. Fully aware that the university has the function of leading social advancement and bears considerable social responsibility. Deepening Social Concern is listed as the main target of the university’s development plan, hoping to connect the technology development energy of the industry, government, and Universities and colleges in Kaohsiung to expand industry-academia cooperation. To promote additional value and development of industry technology, and integrate university’s educational resources to launch practical courses fulfilling the social responsibility of the regional leading university.  

Under this vision, the university established the Industry & University Cooperation Center (IUCC) in January 2009, integrating industry and university cooperation, intellectual properties and technology transfer, and innovative incubation. To express the determination to serve and under great support by the university President Hung-Duen Yang, IUCC formally became a first-level administration center in January 2010, the first precedent of the nation.

To effectively integrate industry and university cooperation, extension education and global research & industry alliance (GLORIA) resources, and to provide more complete services, the center was restructured into Office of Global Industry-Academe Collaboration and Advancement on August 1 2018, hoping to integrate related resources to create synergy through this one-stop service window.



  • Drive Cultural Industries with Regional Features

Academic research results are transferred through technology licensing to enhance regional industry business operation, and promote regional industry economic development, carrying out the social responsibility and mission to Kaohsiung regional industries. Conforming to the central policy for the balanced development of North and South Taiwan, the impact of imbalanced urban-rural industrial resources is narrowed through releasing of regional academic-industry research energy; dramatically raise the development of southern region industries.

  • Establish Kaohsiung and Pingtung Industry-Academia Collaboration Platform

Promote industry-academia collaboration in Kaohsiung, establish industry-academia matching platform, expand academia research energy, and drive the industry development of Kaohsiung.

  • Establish the Kaohsiung IP & Technology Transfer Platform

To expand services to universities and colleges in Kaohsiung in the future, establish the Kaohsiung IP & technology transfer platform, integrate academia technology energy, promote industry technology upgrade in Kaohsiung.

  • Cultivate Faculty and Student R&D Team Spin-off Companies

Through the NSYSU Startup Container, assist companies’ set-ups and provide operational guidance; bring in new venture funding, and match up to industry investment platform.

  • Promote Lifelong Learning

Answering to the calling of government to promote lifelong learning, enhance regional high-quality talent. Not only offering education to the southern region, but the services are also expanded to entire Taiwan; Penghu and Kinmen offering classes are actively connected with the industries and effectively combined theory and practice!



Operation Method